Stories from International JCI Events and business skills

During my campaign for EVP International Affairs I have discussed a lot about global impact. How do I influence and make an impact globally? How does my job as a law office entrepreneur support my campaign? How do I export my core expertise abroad and what do I gain from it? Could Twinning be a useful tool in exporting my core expertise abroad? What has JCI to do with it?

I am a partner and lawyer at a company called Law and Water Ltd, where services are based on the combination of juridical and engineering know-how. We offer legal and water technology related services for companies and public sector entities. Assignments are related to water quality, industrial waste waters, environmental permits and procurements.

As individuals we play a key role in designing and delivering sustainable solutions for our customers and therefore, we want to strengthen equality in our industry. We emphasize sustainable lifestyles in our work and are committed to communicate a sustainable future. This is how we influence and impact globally. Our commitments and values at Law and Water Ltd are key elements supporting my campaign for EVP International Affairs. If you wish to know more from our commitments, read here.

Practical examples – travel and expand your business skills

When I travel to JCI Area Conferences or JCI World Congresses I always try to vision myself as an entrepreneur in their business culture. At JCI International Events I always try to find opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues, potential clients and competitors. This helps me and our business to gain a global perspective. The events have an impact on me and at the same time they improve my business skills. I can learn what others have as expertise and bring it back to Finland and into our business. Of course, this is a two-way street. It is a way to export and import expertise.

With my story I wish to encourage you. For example, I was truly delighted for having the possibility to participate in the JCI EUROPEAN Conference in Lyon this year. I contacted our local twinning chapter to arrange some appointments. I was especially interested to meet someone with whom I could discuss e.g. practices on industrial wastewater agreements, maintaining network, damages and public procurement. Boom! I received help from JCI Lyon.

Another example is from JCI ASPAC Conference in Jeju this year. From our business point of view South Korea is really interesting when it comes to legislation, cosmetics, microplastics and SDGs #14 Life below water & #15 Life on Land. Microplastics are tiny synthetic polymers that resist biodegradation and block the digestive tracts of aquatic creatures, turtles and birds, diminishing the urge to eat and altering feeding behavior. With mass industrial production, they have spread to Earth’s peaks, depths, the Arctic and human bodies, where their health impacts are not yet fully understood.

Benefits of international networks

JCI ASPAC and the cosmetic industry in South Korea was really interesting for me, because several large cosmetic brands come from South Korea and many of them export their products worldwide. South Korea is also a forerunner in legislation and cosmetic industry. I bet you didn´t know that South Korea was the first country in the world to notify the WTO of its proposed prohibition of microbeads in cosmetic products. In the notification database on technical barriers, South Korea announced a ban on microbeads in rinse‐off products in October 2016 and in toothpaste in February 2017.

These exciting experiences also inspire us – me and Niina, to take ownership of our communities and to serve our clients in the challenges they face. Because of our Jaycee background, we can create global solutions and offer more added value.

…why should you vote for me?

Years as an entrepreneur and active Jaycee have taught me understanding of global JCI business and why networking is important. These years have developed me as a person, but also as an international businesswoman. Without JCI and the lessons of sustainable development and the business opportunities they have brought, we would not as a company be on our way to next year's World Water Conference to help export Finnish water know-how to other countries. For me the big question is about international influence – how you impact globally.

I am campaigning for EVP International Affairs, because I wish to promote the internationalization of Finns and our members of JCI. I am the best choice for this position, because I have the understanding of the entity of our global network and its added value for the members.

Because of my background, my next year's focus areas are

  1. to advance business skills,

  2. to empower twinning and

  3. to impact globally.

With these focus areas we can really make a positive change and influence. I wish to share my stories and inflame a similar spark that has kindled in me.

maria arjonen

lawyer, entrepreneur

c/o Laki ja Vesi Oy

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