Exemplification of JCI Values

JCI values are important.

JCI has brought people together and empowered action!

In JCI activities, I implement these values by participating in projects aimed at changing attitudes to achieve lasting development. Positive impact is created by projects that solve an existing or emerging challenge.

I implement JCI values by raising the up the importance of responsible action through projects, strengthening economic justice and community spirit, and accepting diversity of others. In all JCI activities we should raise issues with concrete SDG ties.

The reference to believe in JCI Creed, means for me to act on behalf, what is believed to be true. In my opinion, honest work and the creation of new solutions will generate the most power for change and better future.

Comparatively to JCI values, I believe that ideas and people should not be isolated, but to crash and cross conceptual boundaries. This way they complement and support each other. The innovativeness to do what has never been done will take us forward. In this way, economic justice is achieved by free people through free entrepreneurship.

This is specifically reflected in my work as an entrepreneur. Law and Water Ltd was started in JCI, where two members met and decided to combine their skills. We have combined legal and technical expertise under the same service for the first time in Finland.

The slogan of the company: "The engineers shall be familiar with the law and the lawyers must bear the mud" is related to the fact that law guides all action, even though combining different expertise, cultures and backgrounds in a new environment creates better encounters. This, if anything, shows the courage to believe, and implements JCI's values at its purest.

JCI brings together different individuals regardless of their origin and status. I value this and participate in projects that bring forth equality; we must give back to those who lack the opportunities, to improve the quality of their lives.

JCI has brought people together, empowered action, and created a safe learning environment by strengthening adult friendship, locally, nationally and internationally. JCI's values global citizen and participatory are extremely important to me.

maria arjonen

lawyer, entrepreneur

c/o Laki ja Vesi Oy

Rykmentintie 2a, 20810 Turku


maria.arjonen (a) jci.fi

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