Who are these JCI Active citizens and why should I care?

Active citizens are individuals invested in the future of our world. Go ahead. Turn at least one impossible into possible. And let that be just the beginning. Give your best, grow, evolve and be committed.

JCI gathers active citizens from all sectors of society. We develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. We share a passion to challenge and develop themselves. We understand that by developing our skills it helps to improve the world around us.

Active local chapter presidents from JCI Aurajoki, JCI Auranmaa and JCI Turku

As a JCI member, we all have access to a whole host of opportunities to help us develop both personally and professionally. We run training sessions on a diverse range of subjects including for example project management, presenting and personality skills. We have different Academies like e.g. JCI 3LED-Academy, International Business Skills, Strategy, Finance and Influencing Academies.

As an organization run by the members for the members, we are encouraged and supported to step into leadership roles. I think it is important to highlight and set words for unique opportunities, positive effects of JCI-membership and emphasized meaning for business & society.

I believe this will increase the membership and partner value and grow the number of multi-annual partner agreements and strengthen the JCI brand. We should create a clear strategy for this and have more global impact.

I believe this will have an impact and grow the acknowledgement of JCI existence among business life. From the JCI's point of view it is important because it recognizes the benefits for a member's employer and describes the development opportunities JCI offers for individual. Here we should continue to do the good job done before and continue to work closely together.

I am motivated to work with these matters and implement strategy. When new strategy and strategic metrics are implemented down into the local chapter level for processes, teams and members, it is essential to share values, move together towards a responsible society (SDG-priorities) and to play for the same goal. These activities shall also be transparent, objective and equal.

maria arjonen

lawyer, entrepreneur

c/o Laki ja Vesi Oy

Rykmentintie 2a, 20810 Turku


maria.arjonen (a) jci.fi

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