JCI Networking

Networking at ASPAC2019 This is a JCI Recommended Course. It gives tools for building trusted relationships.

pure magic

Promoting JCI World Congress 2019 - Pure Magic at JCI Hämeenlinna grayfish party.

sdg wheel with friends

Friends from JCI Göppingen and JCI Mariehamn


Promoting active citizenship amongst the youngest - Children's elections in Finland and JCI Aurajoki mascot Seppo Duck

Maria ja Jarkko

Supporting the JCI Peace is Possible campaign with EVP International Affairs Jarkko Sipiläinen.

PRES Summer day

JCI Aurajoki's Summer Day party for local president – memories of life!

maria arjonen

lawyer, entrepreneur

c/o Laki ja Vesi Oy

Rykmentintie 2a, 20810 Turku


maria.arjonen (a) jci.fi

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